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Entrepreneurs and anyone looking to enhance their business leadership skills will need a fertile ecosystem to learn, grow and thrive in and benefit from membership in the ERx Startup Greenhouse Global Business Leaders Community.

Operating a business In these challenging times can be overwhelming and lonely. Now, more than ever, you need a support system invested in your well-being and business sustainability. We help leaders evolve and achieve at a higher, more scalable level with a systematic approach. Join the ERx Startup Greenhouse site today and get access to exclusive content and resources that will help you take your business to the next level.

You will not only be connected with fellow entrepreneurs who "get" you, you'll also receive direct access to our Founders with nearly 200 years of combined wisdom and experience, working with entrepreneurs to help them survive and thrive in these challenging times.

Membership Benefits

The true value of the ERx Startup Greenhouse Community is your connectivity to a like-minded group of people who are also fully committed to building their business systematically and creatively. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely jounrney, but it shouldn’t be. You need a sounding board of experienced entrepreneurs who are excited and available when you need advice, mentorship and coaching.

Think of the ERx Startup Greenhouse Global Business Community as an ongoing Mastermind with professionals who understand where you are and where you are going and have 'been there and done that' themselves.

Your business is unique, and YOU are unique.


There is only the opportunity to better yourself and, in turn, develop a better understanding of how your leadership can affect your overall operation, building momentum from the top down.

The ERx Startup Greenhouse Community will be your trusted, go-to source of support and camaraderie as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.

What You Receive When Joining


Full access to The ScaleUp Summit and over 30 hours of expert advice related to the 7-essential pillars of business success



  • Entrepreneurial 911 - Ask a question, and receive a personal response from ERx founders

  • Monthly Hot Seat with ERx Founder AJ Mirabedini

  • Downloadable cheat sheets, articles, and worksheets

  • Weekly entrepreneurial business tip

Benefits of ERx Startup Greenhouse Community Membership

  • Like-minded Members Only Private Community 

  • Members only direct live chat option 

  • Bi-Weekly office hours mentoring (live with ERx founders) 

  • Monthly SME Pillar Spotlight - Video review 

  • Monthly featured subject matter expert video

  • Members-only video library of advice

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Celebratory Forum and Recognition

  • Investment Zone Dedicated Forum

  • Pillar Zone Dedicated Forum

  • A like-minded community invested in your well-being and business sustainability

Membership Highlights

  • All forums moderated by ERx founders & team

  • EntrepreneursRx NO GURU approach

  • No spam, no BS, No sales pressure

  • Discounts on services, events & products

The list above is all the inclusions you will receive with your ERx Startup Greenhouse Community Membership. These are wonderfully helpful tools and an ongoing source of much-needed and valuable information that you can immediately use to enhance your business functionality and efficiency. 

What's The Cost?

We don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone committed to building their business the right way. We have launched the ERx Startup Greenhouse Community with an irresistible offer, valid only until January 31, 2023. We want you to make a decision NOW and JOIN US for this very special offer.


$10 Monthly for as long as you remain with us.

$99 Annual one-time payment

ONLY UNTIL Jan. 31, 2023


Full access to The ScaleUp Summit and over 30 hours of expert advice related to the 7-essential pillars of business success


After January 31, 2023

Monthly membership is $25 USD


ERx Founders

Our founders care about your success, personally monitoring and moderating the Membership site daily, and directly responding to your questions. With your ERx Startup Greenhouse Community, you have access to nearly 200 years of experience, wisdom and business acumen.

AJ Mirabedini


A.J. is one of the most influential entrepreneurs and executives in the small business community. What he does, says, or decides is absorbed by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, and many other countries. He builds renegades and lets them loose in the business world. He’s not just a CEO, an executive, a marketer, a visionary. AJ is also a kind gentle soul that cares about his employees, customers, family and friends.

Chris Dyson


Chris is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and passionate leader with success in many varied sectors, receiving accolades and industry awards for his work in franchise development, copywriting and marketing. He has created many marketing initiatives for various sectors, including creating and writing an award-winning publication with a global circulation of 440,000 copies.

His aptitude for leadership and dogged persistence has allowed him to excel while starting and building many businesses. Personally serving over 1000 entrepreneurs through his mentorship, driving profits and pinpointing areas for improvement, resulting in improved efficiency & increased revenue. He mentors incoming franchisees for a significant global cooperation and has developed franchises in several industries.

Passionate about giving back, he has graciously volunteered a good deal of his time to ERx to further his mission of paying it forward to help others succeed.

Radhakrishnan KG


RK is a seasoned marketer and an experienced entrepreneur offering marketing services to 500+ clients worldwide since 2006. He is the founder of a world-renowned marketing agency and the creator of a community that helps entrepreneurs become better marketers. RK is also the author of the book FIRE YOUR AGENCY which helps business owners gain clarity to win big with digital marketing. He holds degrees and diplomas in marketing, HR, business management, and start-up development, in addition to being a member of NASSCOM and actively participating in mentoring programs to help Startups create effective business plans.

RK is a passionate traveller and plays several musical instruments. He accomplished his mission to travel to 30 countries by the age of 30 and continues. He has recently moved to Canada, building a new company focused on developing start-ups while giving back to the entrepreneurial community through his work with ERx.

How Do I Join?

It couldn't be easier or any more affordable!

  • Click on Join the Community →

  • Choose Annual Subscription - by far the best deal

  • OR - Select Monthly Subscription, if you prefer

  • Enter your name & email address

  • Create your password

  • Submit payment information

Once completed, your login information will immediately be sent to your email address. You should receive this information very quickly, but routing and processing can take up to an hour.

We want to get to know you a little better and understand your business situation so we can best serve you. Please complete the Members Profile within 48 hours of registering.

Please reply to each question truthfully and accurately, so we can best understand you and your situation, best serve your needs and identify opportunities that match your needs.

Once submitted, we will review the information, verifying its accuracy. We must ensure you are a real person and a good fit for our community. All entrepreneurs are welcome and will receive final acceptance once verified and reviewed.

We DO NOT share, sell or use this information for any other purpose. It remains for internal use only and 100% confidential.


Who is the ERx Startup Greenhouse Global Business Community for?

Any entrepreneur, or early-stage startup founder, looking to become part of an entire community of like-minded business leaders, ready and willing to support and hold you accountable on your journey. Our members have a burning desire to shed light on the inherent and systematic challenges deep in the bowels of their business that hold them back AND are open to receiving guidance to achieve success as THEY define it.

If you’re ready to move past the overwhelm and start growing your business in a more predictable way, this program is for you!

How do I renew?

ERx Startup Greenhouse Community Membership will auto-renew monthly or annually, depending on your chosen plan.

How do I cancel my community membership?

You are able to cancel at any time. There are no refunds for prepaid enrollment.

Are there any additional fees?

Absolutely not! You receive all the benefits of the entire membership site with your payment. We have plans to introduce a Gold Membership in the future, but it will be optional and contain new features and benefits. Nothing will be removed from your current enrollment level.

Will you try and sell me something else?

Of course we have various business solutions available to our members and clients. We do not believe in ‘hard-selling’ anyone, but we would not be serving our clients to the best of our ability if we did not provide updates and suggestions as we deem appropriate to your situation.

Can I expense this as a business cost?

You sure can! And we strongly suggest you consider your ERx Startup Greenhouse Community Membership a long term investment in your business and personal success plan. Your Community Membership fees should be considered a business expense and included with your monthly accounting reconciliation. We suggest you talk to your account and discover the best way to claim these costs against your income tax payments)

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